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Pickles, Potatoes, Chutneys and more.....


We have a little farm shop on site, which offers a wide selection of fruit and vegetables.

We have a polytunnel  and try to grow a lot of our own. We use local suppliers and farmers for other vegetables.

We sell Beatons Eggs  which are beautiful and lovely Free range eggs.

We sell a range of potatoes from a local grower.

The varieties at present are Roosters, Maris Piper and Kerrs Pink.

Charles is busy planting new tatties in the polytunnel for the summer.

We stock Ola oils  and marinades.

They have an excellent range of flavoured oils which enhance your cooking.

The lemon oil is great for cooking fish and the garlic , basil and rosemary flavoured oils have many uses.

There is a selection of Fair trade goods in the shop.

We also make a large range of  Home made Jams and Jellies in the shop.

There is a wide variety of flavours and combinations to choose from.

The new seasons marmalade is now in stock.

 f Chutneys are your thing, there are some delicious flavours to choose from.

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